Our Story

Hunter Valley Honey Farm

The home of Premium Raw Hunter Valley Honey

We are a small family run apiary located in the heart of the Hunter Valley. We began keeping bees as a hobby, to supply our family and friends with fresh raw honey. The demand for our honey grew and our beehives multiplied and continue to grow.

Surrounded by a spectacular array of native flora, our bee’s keep busy filling the hives with nectar collected right here in the Hunter Valley. The taste, aroma and flavour will vary from season to season; depending on which wildflowers are dominant at the time the nectar is collected. This gives our honey a unique flavour that can only be found in the Hunter Valley.

Our Hives

All of our honey is produced in our Langstroth or Warre Hives.


Our Warre Hives

Warre hives provide the most natural bee-friendly environment for the bees. The hive design closely mimics how a bee colony would function in the wild. Our Warre hives are made locally from ethically sourced Australian timber. The Warre hives allow the bee’s to build their own fresh comb, giving a premium artesian product.

The honey produced in our Warre Hives is used to make our honeycomb products.


Our Langstroth Hives

The Langstroth hive is the most popular hive in Australia. It is traditionally used by beekeepers for honey production.

Bee’s play an important role in our ecosystem and are under threat of pests, disease and chemicals. Our priority is to promote strong healthy colonies without the use of harmful chemicals as they are not good for our bee’s or for us. Most of our premium raw honey is produced in our Langstroth hives.

What is Raw Unprocessed Honey?

Raw Honey is loaded with beneficial antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. When honey is heated it destroys the beneficial nutrients and can compromise the flavour. All of our honey is 100% pure, unprocessed raw honey, fresh from our bees. When we take the honey from the hive, we cold extract (remove the capping’s without adding heat) and then strain the honey to remove any wax or unwanted particles. Each jar of our premium raw honey is filled with pure goodness.

Meet the Beekeepers

The carers of the bee’s

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What I love about the bee’s
Sitting at the entrance of the hives watching them land. I’m fascinated by the way they interact with each other and do their communication dance with the other bees. There is always something new to see. I love opening the hive to find them hard at work with frames filled with honey and the sweet fresh aroma that wafts from the hive.

When I’m not making honey
I like to be outside in our veggie garden or taking a camping trip to somewhere I haven’t been before.

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What I love about the bee’s
Having an endless supply of fresh raw honey.  I also love having them in my garden to pollinate the flowers, fruit tree’s and vegetables.

When I’m not making honey
I like to spend time with my grandchildren and I love to sit and quilt.

Hunter Valley Gourmet Honey


What I love about the bee’s 
You are always learning something new. The most experienced beekeeper is still learning. They are such complex creatures and the function of the colony is something I don’t think we will ever fully understand. I also love having fresh honey to spread on my Weet-Bix every morning.

When I’m not making honey
I’ll usually be somewhere on the farm fixing something or working in the garden.